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Cnet: Samsung Wave Review

Cnet: The Samsung Wave has a gorgeous, crystal-clear Super AMOLED touch screen. The 1GHz processor keeps the phone running smoothly, and the Wave has great call quality. The Wave also has a 5-megapixel camera and can capture HD video.

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Samsung Wave launches yet another smartphone operating system

If you thought there were quite enough smartphone operating systems doing the rounds at the moment, then you might wonder what on earth Samsung is doing launching yet another one.

Samsung thinks that having its own operating system will give it some clout and the OS, called Bada, is destined to roll out across the full range of Samsung handsets. A key feature here will be that every handset in the Samsung portfolio will have access to features like its app store. Samsung is betting this will help it establish a real presence in what is a very competitive sector.

Skyhook phones in on another partner, Samsung's Wave to geo-locate like no other

Engadget: Skyhook Wireless seems to have located itself yet another major partner in its continued quest to pinpoint every single cellphone owner in the world.

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