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Benchmark Reviews: ASRock Core 100HT HTPC System Review

Benchmark Reviews: "Benchmark Reviews has maintained a secret love affair with Home Theater PC hardware for many years, and the ASRock nettop series of compact HTPC systems continues to maintain its seductive allure. As multimedia standards are improved to handle larger bit rate formats, so does the hardware that produces them. The latest updates add SuperSpeed USB-3.0 functionality for attached storage devices, and THX TruStudio PRO technology to deliver a realistic audio experience. Other additions come in the shape of a wireless media center remote control, and uncompressed digital HDMI audio/video output.

Now equipped with Intel's Core i3-330M 2.13GHz dual-core mobile processor and Intel GMA HD integrated graphics on an ASRock HM55-HT mini-ITX HM55-Express motherboard with 4GB of DDR3, Benchmark Reviews tests high-definition video playback and gaming performance for the ASRock Core 100HT HTPC system."

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Syko4380d ago

At around $500 for the Blu Ray equipped version, this thing seems like a great all around deal for the size and 0 noise factor in a Home Theater set-up. A lot better than my current leaf blower PS3 for Blu Ray for sure =/

4379d ago
4379d ago
lonix4379d ago

my ps3 is near silent

Syko4379d ago

Ya, so are all my friends...and the new slims are silent. Unfortunatley my phat has developed an overactive fan and kicks into hyperdrive after about 30-40mins of use in open space =/ this PC would also be far superior for streaming than the PS3 or 360 in the long run. Gonna have to look into these further for my Home Theater.