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Akamai: Funneling Bits, Foiling Hackers

High-speed data network Akamai is the Internet's fast lane. Now it also wants to be its highway patrol.

4830d ago

VR To Feature At Akamai EDGE Conference

The annual conference organised by Akamai Technologies will feature AR/VR as major discussion point.


Average Internet Speed in the U.S. Jumps 28 Percent to 7.4Mbps

HotHardware: Akamai Technologies, an Internet content delivery network headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, released its "The State of the Internet Report" for the fourth quarter of 2012. One of the findings in the report is that the average connection speed in the U.S. is now 7.4Mbps, representing a 2.3 percent jump sequentially and up 28 percent year-over-year.

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kingPoS3802d ago

Things are pretty much set in stone for us DSL users.
Heh! Google sure lit a hot fire under them didn't they.