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Apple Looking for Antenna Experts

Apple’s response to criticism of antenna design on the iPhone 4 was not the most gracious: “Keep right on your phone or buy a holster.”But there are many indications that the company still has taken some of the criticism to heart.

Already on June 23 – after the first reports on the antenna design on the iPhone 4 actually give up signal and sometimes lost the signal completely – could be on Apple’s website to read about three vacancies as “Antenna Engineer – IPAD / iPhone “.

Apple job postings require a log -in, but Engadget has fallen over the vacant jobs that have been granted access. According to the site reads job description like this:

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technorotic4380d ago

“To define and implement antenna system architecture to optimize radiation – service for wireless portable devices.”

faizanshakyboy4380d ago

They really need one expert otherwise they are in trouble.

4378d ago