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Buy a 3D TV Now or Wait?

PC Mag: If finding the right HDTV wasn't hard enough, now you need to decide if you want to make the leap to 3D. Walk into your local electronics store today and you'll see 3D TVs from Panasonic and Samsung. Last week, Sony announced that you could preorder one of its Bravia 3D LED TVs, and LG, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Vizio, and others will start selling sets the coming months. If you check out an in-store demo, you'll likely be impressed by 3D.

PaPa-Slam4836d ago

was about to say the same, there is no way that i am buying this product with those high prices.

dcbronco4834d ago

I'll get it when it becomes a standard feature. I'm not sold on the idea of the glasses. As the other technologies that don't require them come of age, the part of the population that wants 3D will move to that. The whole glasses thing has been around for decades and has never caught on in the home market. The usefulness is limited anyway. I don't want documentaries or dramas in 3D. Or educational films. Though I have to agree that action films probably make up most of the money for the studios. I also don't see the need for it in comedies. So it's strictly for action movies with some gimmicky horror stuff. But overall I believe gaming will be it's best bet in the future. But as a gamer I'm unwilling to be used by companies trying to push outdated technology with hype and propaganda.

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3D TVs are officially dead as Sony and LG discontinue production this year

Sony and LG have announced their plans to discontinue the production of 3D TV sets.

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Speed-Racer2433d ago

This comes as no surprise really. More of a fad if anything.

fr0sty2433d ago

Just too limiting and the effect is nowhere near as good as VR. Nobody wants to wear $100 glasses that cause headaches in some due to the flickering just to have a slight sense of depth added to the image.

Kribwalker2433d ago

I bought into it early with a LG passive 3D tv. Glasses you get from the movie theatre worked with it and you wouldn't get headaches. It also had a 2 player mode that black ops 2 actually had an option for, or else the tv itself would convert it. It was 2 sets of glasses (one set would be the equivalent to 2 left eye lenses the other would be 2 right eye lenses) and the tv would output one players screen full size with the left eye lines and vice versa. It worked great for full screen split screen gaming, but if I was in a dark area and my wife was in a bright area it would ghost the bright through to my view

Kribwalker2433d ago

It was pretty cool, jus not supported enough

yomfweeee2433d ago

VR has worse side effects than a headache.

filchron2433d ago

Everything is going to be in Holographic 3D in the future whether you like it or not, but yeah, stereoscopy was never going to last.

Zerg2433d ago

Now that Trump wants Apple to make TVs we can really see what the market will have to offer

KingPin2433d ago

not to mention lawsuits coz tvs will be rectangles.

Lon3wolf2433d ago

And shows that you can only buy from the Apple Store, you also cannot connect any non Apple product to it as that would invalidate the warranty.

Dasteru2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )


Which is actually illegal but the government doesn't enforce its own laws against corporations. You have to sue them to get anywhere. It falls under the same laws the regulate unauthorized repairs that companies like to keep pretending invalidate the warranty, hoping the average person is dumb enough to fall for it and not do anything.

Put simply, anything that cannot be proven to be the direct cause of the damages a product is warrantied for, cannot invalidate the warranty.

ji32002433d ago

Hurray!!! 3dtv gimmick finally dead!!! we got better and its call VR!!!!! I have Vive and i love it so so so much and everytime i play, it gives me immersion!!

ChrisW2433d ago

VR does do better 3D movies...

nowitzki20042433d ago

Just like how you like VR some liked 3d. If enough people dont buy into VR just like they didnt into 3d then say bye bye to VR.

Scatpants2433d ago

I guess this means 3d movies won't be released for home viewing anymore. That's a shame. They look really great in VR. I like my 3d tv too.

ASSASSYN2433d ago

I have a 3D 55" LG OLED, I love my 3D.

level 3602433d ago

Such a shame honestly, whether passive or active 3D worked fine and delivered what's in the box.
Think "some" of the problem is in the film industry - a small number out there did not know how to fully utilize the tech.
The wearing of glasses ( so many choices and so cheap nowadays ) or distance wasn't the issue.

Amplitude2432d ago

Honestly loved 3D but the price of a 3D bluray is absolute madness, at least here in Canada

$40-$50 for one movie? Nope

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