Rumor: Google to launch Facebook-like competitor

Rumours that Google is set to launch a Facebook-style social network called "Google Me" have gained traction over the weekend.

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fatstarr4432d ago

I am sorry but Google that's a war that you cant even win right now.

Danteh4431d ago

I usually like Google as a company but this is just too much... wtf they want to control the whole internet or what?

Gimme a break!

And I don't think they stand a chance against something like Facebook, google or not FB is still a fucking juggernaut

ballsofsteel4431d ago

actually if anything this is the perfect time to launch a competitor to facebook considering the the bad press they've had about privacy settings. google is full of surprises not to long ago nobody thought google could be a player in the phone market and now look google could be poised to take apple in the next couple of years.

fatstarr4431d ago

The thing is we use Google for almost everything people will be tired of using Google this and Google that. Google could never come up with something more casual and simplistic to match facebook without semi copying them.

Facebook already has a brand name its like a Honda going against a brand new car called the Mondo. More people will go to Honda because its Known, some may go to Try out Mondo because of the incentives and price but it wont be enough to beat Honda. Facebook still has till 2011 in my eyes.

xc7x4432d ago

no one thought Myspace would ever be conquered,now it's all but forgotten

naimatkhan4431d ago

I don't think Google might overtake Facebook. Even their new Buzz didn't make it to the level.

karlowma4431d ago

You don't even need to fill out a profile, since google already knows everything about you!

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