Why I’m Waiting For The White iPhone 4 : White Is Traditional

Rachel Rosmarin of Tom's Guide writes: "I’m not talking about wedding gowns, here. White is a traditional color for Apple products, and I like classic patterns in consumer electronics. While beige was the initial color trend for PCs, Apple sent forth a burst of color with the first iMacs in 1999. But soon after, the “snow” color took off and white became the dominant design within the company. From 2002 to 2007, iMacs were mainly white. Until the aluminum body MacBooks, most Apple laptops were white during this decade, too. The first iPods were white with metal trim—and the iconic Apple earbuds have always been white. And since the iPhone 3G, a white version of the iPhone has been made available. It is hard to argue that the company’s signature color has been anything other than white. The color is imbued in the company’s brand just as much as the tiny little dotted “i” that precedes so many of its product names. White is vintage Apple."

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