15 Ultimate Gamer Chairs

PC World writes, "Looking for a new gaming setup? Tired of just sitting on your boring old couch and looking to take your gaming man-cave to the next level? Then pull up your boring desk chair and check out this collection of over-the-top, crazy, affordable, and DIY gamer chairs."

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Sashamaz4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

I want that first one, getting one is not the problem, its where I live, I might move out at any time.
Moving something that large is tedious.

Myst4429d ago

If I had the funds to produce or buy one of these I surely would. Especially the sixth one that one looks the most interesting to me. Then perhaps the fifteenth one, all of which beat my current model of fold away chairs, my bed or even the floor :P.

4424d ago