Elon Musk, PayPal Pioneer, Is Paper-Rich, Cash-Poor

NY Times: "Like the fictional Mr. Stark, Mr. Musk seems like the kind of guy every Silicon Valley hopeful wants to be. For starters, he’s a rocket scientist. No, really: he helped design the Falcon 9 booster used by NASA. He also helped create Solar City, a leader in solar power. And he helped dream up the Tesla, the electric car that made electric cars sexy. No wonder the film director Jon Favreau modeled his über-capitalist superhero on Mr. Musk.

There is just one small problem: Mr. Musk says he is broke."

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fatstarr4440d ago

EH wow scary... Divorce is horrible. He reminds me of a Successful merchant in MMORPG's

GinaA4438d ago (Edited 4438d ago )

count not those in papers