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New iPhone 3GS 8GB features redesigned box with iOS 4

Engadget: Couldn't very well have an iPhone for sale showing an outdated version of the operating system, now, could you? Just wouldn't be civilized.

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Someone brought back the iconic iOS 4 as an iPhone app

If you’ve been an iPhone stan since the iPhone 3G and want a blast from the past, one developer is looking to recreate the experience of iOS 4 as an app for your new iPhone.

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History of the iPhone

iSquad Repair's Gabe Carey explores the vast history of Apple's iPhone hardware iterations, beginning with the original iPhone and ending with the rumors surrounding iPhone 6.

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Apple ‘to drop iPhone 3GS’

Telegraph: iPhone 4 will become the UK's entry level iPhone after Apple’s announcement on 12 September, while iPhone 5 will require new ‘nano’ sim cards.

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thebudgetgamer4246d ago

Makes sense, you don't wanty to have too many different models cluttering up stores.