Antec PSU Myths Busted

Antec: "Some forums users and even some major companies are spreading the idea that single +12V rail power supplies power up the latest graphics cards in a better way, in order to market their products or to scare other users. This is of course total nonsense. To understand this matter better, let’s examine some different scenarios and how the actual power is being distributed to the graphics cards."

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Review: Antec Dark Fleet DF500 RGB PC case - KnowTechie

Today’s PC market is a weird one. You can get a good case for less than $100 with tons of well-thought-out options and even RGB. One such case is this DF500 RGB from Antec, and KnowTechie takes a closer look at it.

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Antec announces range topping GX1200 full tower gaming case

Cooling, chassis and power supply specialist Antec has launched a new full tower gaming case. The new Antec GX1200 sits atop of the GX gaming series, offering headlining features such as a builder-friendly layout, with ample room for powerful CPUs and GPUs, multiple cooling options (including liquid cooling), and of course RGB lighting frills.


Computex 2015 Day 4: Examining Antec's Bold S10 Tower Case [Video]

Maximum PC: We've seen chambered cases before, but none like Antec's new Signature S10. The case sports three separate chambers, which you access by swinging open a two-piece side panel. It's a big case that can accommodate up to XL-ATX motherboards.

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