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Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

Tech Crunch: On the heels of the latest Android phone, the Sprint HTC EVO, and as we approach iPhone 4, it seems like mobile devices and platforms are innovating at about five times the pace of personal computers.

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fatstarr4429d ago

I agree and disagree with this article. PC's will never be die or loose any leads. Casual people are just skewing the results of everything I love so dearly.
My view is that
The PC market is semi-stagnant.
You have an Os every 3-8 years
The Intel thing also is a factor.
Its cool and everything that's been done has almost been done... the sky is still the limit. Mobile is different because they pack in features that you wouldn't really need on a PC.

You have to remember that mobile is just a new market filled with dummies that will buy anything also its three effects in one
The Japanese Mobile mini trend
The credit card buy now pay later aspect
And the brag/show off a factor.

Phones are easier to hack and less obligation, if you mess up your computer you get sad faced and if you brick your phone you buy a new one...
also less data risks on the phone. You loose numbers and such but most data is on a PC.

And last but not least mobile things are fun to hack and do things that it was not intended to do
pcs can do anything but phones and mp3players and gps and etc are in an unlimited non locked down market where almost anything can be done provide the equipment has the right specs.