Photos: Tech gets royal approval as charity body earns Charter

The ITC is a charitable body aimed at giving something back to the industry it represents through various charitable and mentoring programmes. Its 720 members include users, suppliers, consultants and academics as well as IT-focused individuals from other professions.

The ITC was founded as a guild without livery in 1985 before becoming the City of London's 100th livery company in 1992 after it had achieved the requirement of raising £250,000 for charity.


Apple to Release Immersive Video Content of 2023 MLS Playoffs on Vision Pro

Apple announced that its Major League Soccer Season Pass (through Apple TV) will include new immersive video content covering the 2023 playoffs. Apple TV is the exclusive provider of online Major League Soccer broadcasts via the MLS Season Pass subscription.

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How Meta Is Preparing for the EU’s 2024 Parliament Elections

As the election approaches,Meta plans to activate an Elections Operations Center to identify potential threats and put mitigations in place in real time.

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sonicwrecks4h ago

Don't call it a comeback... because it's not.


Adaptive headlights will save us from blinding LEDs

Hate nighttime driving glare? Car manufacturers opting for the brightest LED headlights are to blame, butdaptive headlights will help.

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