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Android 2.2 build FRF72 leaks for Nexus One, T-Mobile owners rejoice

PhoneDog writes: "About a week ago, we brought you news that the new build of Android 2.2, FRF72, had been spotted for the Nexus One. Things were quiet for a while, but the FRF72 build has now leaked for everyone (using a T-Mobile Nexus One) to use. The update, available from Google as of this writing, is a measly 1.9 MB in size. Judging from the file name, it's an incremental update to the original FRF50 Froyo build, which fits with what was previously reported. As of now, no one is sure what the update contains, but there have been rumblings that Flash support has been updated and that the web browser has been tweaked to run faster."

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