Benchmark Reviews: ASUS EAH5870/V2 Review

Benchmark Reviews: "Development has continued on both the hardware side and the software side of the ATI family, and the ASUS EAH5870/2DIS/1GD5/V2is one of several new 58xx series cards released by ATI AIB partners in the last few months that follow a decidedly different design pattern. The complexity of the 5870 reference design has given way to a more focused approach that strips away the bells and whistles in favor of mastering the core competencies of modern graphics hardware. A robust power supply, an efficient cooling package, and a simpler system for voltage control; all add up to a bigger bang for the buck, higher reliability and more headroom for overclocking. Several vendors have been trying to find the right recipe for maximizing the value proposition of the Radeon HD5870, and this time Benchmark Reviews is going to look closely at the second generation Voltage Tweak model from ASUS."

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