OnLive Gaming Service Launches; 1st Year is Free

Yesterday marked the launch of OnLive, a cloud gaming service that allows folks with low-end computers to play high-end games.

With more than 20 games available at launch, OnLive allows users to play the likes of Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Unreal Tournament without having to install them on their machine. Celebrating its launch by offering users a one-year membership for free (second year is discounted at $5/month), OnLive requires a 5-megabit internet connection and is compatible with all Macs and most PCs. Once users are registered and a member of OnLive, they can purchase 3- or 5-day passes to play any game as a rental. Users can also purchase games via a 'Full Playpass,' which allows for unlimited play of the game.

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TVippy4443d ago

It's a HUGE thing IMAO. Sadly I do not reside in the US, so can't test this... Waiting for the first reviews! People?! Somebody tried this?

griff4442d ago

Because I have 384 kbps connection XD