Steam announced for PlayStation 3

Gaming Icrontic: In something of a stunner, Gabe Newell showed up on stage at the Sony press conference during E3 2010 today to announce not only Portal 2 coming to PlayStation 3, but Steam as well.

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Serg4442d ago

I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment.

Gabe Newell just said Portal 2 will be coming to the PS3 and Steam will be part of it. As part of Portal 2, not PSN.

Of course you can interpret it in a way where Steam would tie into PS3 but seriously now, there are a lot of things that speak against it:

1. Steam is a service similar to PSN, meaning you can shop for games and use their social networking capabilities, why integrate something so similar into PS3.
2. Steam coming to the PS3 would be a huge announcement, not summed up in one sentence along with Portal 2. Maybe it's just my definition of "big deal".
3. Steam would have to run in the background, so Sony would have to produce a firmware update to reduce ram usage of the OS so that Steam can run without stealing ram from the games.
4. Valves first in-house PS3 game comes out and their Steam platform along with it? Come on now, not too long ago Gabe Newell hated on the PS3 like no other, and now, all of a sudden, a game AND Steam?

I would welcome Steam on the PS3, but looking at it realistically there is not much of a chance that it will be the way people dream it up.

mcgrawgamer4442d ago

wow. he said steamcloud. that is not the actual steam service. do gamers really think sony would allow a digital distribution competitor to be housed on their console? He said and I quote "steamcloud support" that means all updates to portal 2 and any dlc will come to the ps3 day and date with pc/mac. Sony has allowed them to bypass sony certification. For Valve it's business as usual for Sony this is a huge step by them to surpass xbl in my mind free dlc, quick updates, etc,. BUT STEAM IS NOT COMING TO THE PS3!