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Sprint's 4G-equipped Samsung Galaxy S Pro in the wild?

Engadget: The Moment just got a whole lot less interesting, didn't it? What you're looking at is allegedly Samsung's Galaxy S Pro for Sprint, a potential blockbuster of a phone that's said to have WiMAX support and a front-facing cam -- basically, the QWERTY answer to the EVO 4G (and this one's presumably got a Super AMOLED display, to boot).

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fatstarr4444d ago

This really sucks. I want one Now :D contract is up in December hopefully its on Verizon by then if it even gets to them Personally its no fair I had to put up with being a test dummy on the Omnia Line for this neglect to Verizon users.

fatstarr4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

Lol I just noticed this is the S-pro I think the Galaxy S looks better... but I still want both.