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Why E3 won’t be as exciting as you think

SlashGear: With E3 2010 just a few days away, it’s now time to consider what Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and all the major developers will be delivering. The show is the biggest gaming confab of the year, and it stands to reason that all the secrets that developers and hardware companies have been keeping over the past year (or more) will be unveiled. That’s certainly the case in the past. E3 has been home to console announcements, additions to major franchises, and much, much more.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every show is great. In fact, 2009 was arguably a somewhat subdued affair with few major announcements. At the time, game critics said that the big E3, and the one that would come to define the start of the next decade, would be happening in June 2010.

Well, now we’re here. And although we have a pretty good idea of what will be shown, and what will not, it’s quickly becoming clear that E3 2010 won’t be as exciting as some pundits and analysts are saying.

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fatstarr4445d ago

I cant judge e3 2009 it was the show taking a step backwards and going down the other path back to the Old style of e3. This e3 will be bugged down with all the motion this and bla bla that but Once hardware gets announced that's when e3's are the best. Look back at all the e3's if there is no hardware announced its looked down upon.

"Sorry, but don’t expect much out of E3 this year." < 3ds, Possible psp2... Thats more than I expected XD.