Is the Spyder III a Real Life Lightsaber? From the makers of Wicked Lasers comes the world’s most powerful portable laser, the Spyder III. This is not really so much a tool for board room presentations, as it is a weapon for striking down hordes of Stromtroopers. The Spyder III is so powerful it can permanently blind you, and set your skin on fire.

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fatstarr4442d ago

That is awesome. Real life lightsabers can exist o.o make those laser beams wider shorten the range... o.o I want one but I know I would do some stupid stuff with it.

no_more_heroes4441d ago

Man in Darth Vader costume kills 4, wounds 7 with "lightsaber".

fatstarr4441d ago

Rofl. I can see it now.

Blacktric4441d ago

You can't shorten the range. There's no such technology exist for end users right now. And it's nearly impossible to stop the travelling light at a point permanently. So there won't be any lightsabers for a long long time.

Danteh4441d ago

I don't know about lasers or anything, but couldn't you put like a mirror at the top or something to stop de lazor and make it even more concentrated? :P

krouse934441d ago

You could make it into more of a katana a la no more heroes and have it a lazer in the front and a metal bar sort of thing along the side and then at the top to stop the light.