Paranoia in the Digital World

Alex Cronk-Young writes: Recently I've been wondering just exactly what I'm doing with services like Twitter. I broadcast each and every little stupid thought I have, and I'm starting to worry that my quirky sense of humor is killing my respectability as a writer. What does the world in which we can tweet our thoughts at any given moment, or post them as our Facebook status, mean for our futures?

I'd like to think that as the masses glom onto the trend, they will be more forgiving of people saying stupid things online years before when voting for our politicians, but you never know how things will play out. While I've been skeptical of just how much of myself I put out there lately, Nick Gates has always worried about that. His views on technology seem to be much more extreme than mine, so I thought we could have an interesting conversation. Maybe I'm getting in way too deep and will be wearing a tinfoil hat by the end of this. We'll see.

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