The Twitterfeed of the Future

The beginning of the end is here. Twitter may be the fastest growing site around, but it pales in comparison to Facebook's user numbers. So just stop for a second and imagine your Twitterfeed 10 years from now when the amount of people signed up is tenfold. Companies have already jumped onto automated tweeting to capitalize on the opportunities for free marketing, and this trend is surely going to become ever more present.

The year is 2020. We still don't have flying cars, but a startling amount of products do have "Twitter Enabled" icons on the box. It's a pretty big selling point, I mean, why would you want to buy a toaster that doesn't automatically tell your friends what you just toasted? Pop Tart successfully toasted, you sit down in front of your computer to check on what your friends may or may not have toasted. This is your Twitterfeed...

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fatstarr4447d ago

So what you are saying is greed will lead the internet to become even more soulless than it is. I see... lol history really repeats its self everything sells out and becomes soulless.