Sony Launches 3D TVs, Gaming

PC World: Sony's plans for 3D entertainment begin coming together on Thursday as the company kicks off sales of 3D televisions and begins offering 3D games for its PlayStation 3 console.

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Serg4451d ago

I've tried it at a friends, he spent 1,700€ on TV and glasses for 3D. Looks/plays absolutely amazing. But I still wouldn't consider buying a 3DTV just yet. I want to wait until the first models of glasses-free 3D screens roll out. Shouldn't be too long I assume, considering the pace technology got at the moment. Well at least I can wait another year or so, who knows maybe I'll settle for glasses down the line.

fatstarr4451d ago

Yea glasses free 3d tvs are the next step... this gen of 3d tvs just seem like a joke you have to wear glasses and such...