Trendnet ships superfast wireless router

Trendnet has stuck a superfast wireless router into the shops which can manage 450Mbps, if it is going downhill with the wind behind it.

Most Wireless-N routers can only manage 300Mbps, but Trendnet claims the TEW-691GR is the first 450Mbps Wireless-N Gigabit router on the market. The TEW-691GR has three antennas which broadcast in three spatial streams. This is 50 percent fastest than exciting dual-stream Wireless-N routers.

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Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For TRENDnet 16-Port Hardened Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit DIN-Rail Switch

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the TRENDnet 16-Port Hardened Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit DIN-Rail Switch.

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Trendnet Embraces Open Source DD-WRT Firmware for Select Wireless AC Routers

Maximum PC: We don't know if a war is brewing between Trendnet and Linksys, but like the latter's WRT1900AC router, Trendnet today announced open source DD-WRT firmware compatibility for its high performance TEW-818DRU (v1.0), TEW-821DRU (v2.0)l, and TEW-811DRU (v1.0) Wireless-AC routers. This is pretty big news for networking gurus who like to tinker but are other otherwise bound by their router's stock firmware.

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TRENDnet TEW-690AP wireless access point has a theoretical 450Mbps top speed, a real $200 price

Engadget: It's a sad fact of our digital lives that no matter how stylish we make our daily-used devices, we'll still need some antenna-riddled ogre in the corner of the room to blast out the WiFi goodness.

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