iPhone 4: Who Needs the iPad Now?

Toms Hardware: Apple has taught us the art of integration. A sense of how hardware can beautifully work with software and other hardware. A paper book example of a homemade ecosystem, if you will. Of course, it is just a matter of time until Apple will make a mistake.

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fatstarr4448d ago

I think apple is gonna pull a Nintendo with this one. like Gamecube-gba conetivity, or maybe wii-ds or Sony with the psp-ps3.

-Mezzo-4447d ago

why do People buy Apple's product knowing that this will only be cool for a Year, I have friends who are stacked with apple products such as, Iphone, Macbook, Ipad, Apple TV.

And i still haven't bought a single Apple product. except the Ipod Touch & I'll be get the new Macbook Pro Next Month. =]