Toyko Flash’s Changing Lanes Watch: Changing the way you view your time

Kyle Thibaut from Crunch Gear: Many times during the day, I look at my watch. It’s a rather easy thing to read. Its functionality and simplicity has remained for years. However, that notion wasn’t good enough for one company, namely Tokyo Flash.

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fatstarr4454d ago

I would never buy this...

Guy1: tell me the time guy2
Guy2: Sure guy1 let me look at my new wtf watch
Guy1: OK
Guy2: umm ... carry the 1 ... check the side... the block is blinking
Guy1: *33 seconds later* ...
Guy2: yes its blinking which means... *looks at diagram* o.o
Guy1: wtff (add a ing to the first f) *pulls out smart phone*