Apple’s A4 ain’t that special

Devin Coldewey from Crunch Gear: I really don’t understand what the big deal is about the A4. ARM designed the chip, Apple customized it, and Samsung built it. How is that any different from any other phone or device manufacturer? The A4 variant (an unfortunate name considering the A* naming convention in ARM chips) is just an A8-based chip with a setup specific to the iPhone or iPad’s PCB layout and processing needs.

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Why the 3rd Gen Apple TV Might be Apple’s First Home Game Console

NextGenRetro: There’s a market a’brewing. A market for an Apple game console that is. People are buying lots of games from the App Store. The selection has grown from simple games like Cut the Rope to complex games like Dead Space and Infinity Blade and people can’t get enough. The market is growing more hardcore so to speak. The tastes of users have matured and the possibilities are really opening up.

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