How to Choose the right Smartphone?

Be careful before you give your entire digital life to a smartphone. If you choose wrong, so you can look forward to frustration, helplessness and an urge to smash your new gadget into the asphalt.

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Maximum PC | Your Tablet Benchmarks Suck

Maximum PC: At least that’s what Intel engineers are saying as the chip giant finally prepares to go toe-to-toe with ARM-based tablets with its new “Bay Trail” Atom chips.

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Arctic Readies the Accelero Xtreme 7970 VGA Cooler

Cristian_25H at techpowerup: The soon-to-be-released Radeon HD 7970 is certainly getting its share of waterblocks but there are also air-based custom coolers coming for AMD's flagship card. One of them is Arctic's Accelero Xtreme 7970 which measures 288 (L) x 104 (W) x 54 (H) mm, weights 653 grams, and features 84 aluminum fins, five 6 mm copper heatpipes, a copper base, and three 92 mm PWM fans that work at 900 to 2000 RPM.

Arctic's cooler comes with pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound, is CrossFireX compatible, and is backed by a six-year warranty. The Accelero Xtreme 7970 costs $97.95 / €73.83 and is set to become available on January 31st.

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AMD Radeon HD 7970 Voltage Mod

Lennard Seah at vr-zone.com: "One week ago, Santa Claus brought us the red themed AMD Radeon HD 7970, which practically smoked previous generation cards and showed great overclocking headroom. For our first feature in 2012, we sacrificed our holiday weekend to bring you an exclusive look at some benchmark results achieved with a slight voltage bump and core clocks raised to nearly 1.26GHz."