Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes on Competition from Apple, Netflix, Nintendo, and Redbox

Austin Carr of Fast Company writes: "Blockbuster has been taking lots of flack for the company’s poor earnings, shareholder in-fighting, and inability to combat the success of Netflix and Redbox. Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, whose brash style we recently analyzed, spoke with us about what he is doing to turn the struggling video-rental giant around. Part I of our interview focused on Keyes's views on the board of directors battle with Greg Meyer. In part II, Keyes speaks candidly on Netflix, Nintendo, and Blockbuster’s chances of success."

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fatstarr4455d ago

I am just amazed that blockbuster is still around, even physical brick stores.
its quite amazing, with all the competition, and piracy, and Walmart. its still alive.