Safari 5: faster, less clutter, secure browser extensions

Just after the announcement of the new iPhone 4 at WWDC, Apple announced the release of Safari 5 for Windows and Mac. Unlike Safari 4—which focused primarily on cosmetic improvements like the Top Sites page and the ill-fated top tabs—this release brings a big focus on standards compatibility, speed improvements, a new Apple-vetted extensions system, the ability to switch between Google, Yahoo, and Bing for default search, and a new feature that Apple calls Safari Reader.

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IE9 can't stop Microsoft's browser slump

The March launches of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Firefox 4 failed to stop Microsoft's and Mozilla's decline in browser share, new Web usage data published Sunday showed.

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Sahil4686d ago

I think IE has become a Enterprise only browser. That's why we have seen limited increases in the newer versions on IE. Enterprise rejected Vista and is slow to accept Windows 7. Both of which require a newer IE. This may slowly change as people start using IE 9 at work and may find it something they may want to use at home. But I think Microsoft made a mistake by not updating IE more frequently.

michass84686d ago

they need more marketing :)

KingLizzle4686d ago

Unfortunately Chrome seems to be increasingly bloated compared to what it was a year ago so I'm not surprised its increase has slowed. It says a lot about the current state of the market that many people now have to use multiple browsers to satisfy their needs.

fatstarr4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

My thoughts exactly. i dont understand how come everybody doesnt use multiple browsers i say it on a daily basis. each browser is made for something and thats what we should use it for. Firefox and opera are great for downloading. I downloaded something once at school and the comp was administrator locked down all i could use was ie. i went to download and 10 popups came up but on firefox i never seen 1 ad when i used that site.

Megaton4685d ago

Firefox 'till I die, son.

Chrome's cool, but I didn't like how it always opens new processes for everything. I also just like Mozilla more than Google.


Browser Benchmark Wars: How does Firefox 4 Beta 9 stand up?

BT: "With Firefox 4 beta 9 impressing the crowds, we decided to do a benchmark test of all the major browsers on the market to see who comes out on top."

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toaster4792d ago

Doesn't look too impressive, I'll stick to Chrome.

Speed-Racer4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Statistically it doesn't unfortunately. I;m still with the fox though because I just like how it's set up for web development purposes. I don't wanna give in to the Google train either... I pretty much use a ton of their services already :/

Anarki4792d ago

I made the jump over a year ago and very rarely use firefox now. The only times I DO use firefox is for websites that look abit dodgy and I need the added security.


Best Safari 5 Extensions

Digital Trends: Check out 10 of the best Safari 5 extensions, and how to enable them in Apple’s latest release of Safari.

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