Bye Bye Birdie: Why Twitter is On the Outs

Techi: Like it or not, Twitter has become an unavoidable part of our online lives. Created by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone in 2006, the social networking platform’s reach has grown remarkably over the past four years.

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fatstarr4449d ago

well its not dieing anytime soon. sure its a fad but your usage on twitter depends on your purpose for using it. from what I have noticed twitter is like a second internet hangout spot to facebook and youtube. its good for making internet "pals" and catching up on stupid things. I made one in early 2009 and had 10 followers and then I came back and started actively using it 2 days and 77 followers now. twitter enjoyment depends on who you follow and actively talking to people as if you are playing a mmo. <just my 7cents.