iPhone 4 announced (Officially)

Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 4 after a couple wild, unprecedented months of leaks. Sure, it looks exactly like we expected it to (Steve compares it to an old Leica camera), with a glass front and back, but it's what's on the inside that counts, kids. The stainless steel band that goes around the phone is an antenna system, while also providing the main structure of the phone. There's also of course that front facing camera we were all anticipating, and a new high resolution display that doubles the pixels in each direction (960 x 640) for a 4X overall pixel count increase -- Apple calls it a "Retina Display." Developing...

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fatstarr5017d ago

Oh so now we finally know. lol how many lives has this ruined already.

darkmurder5017d ago

Yeah Im still getting Winphone 7, how apple users can continually get shafted is ridiculous (iphone 4 looks good but apple make you pay for smallest ugprades).

fatstarr5017d ago

I wanted winpone7 but then I got converted to android os. The only thing ipone4 will do is lower cellphone prices and cause cellnetworks to upgrade and phone features and capabilities to upgrade.

iphone 4 will be cool for 2 months before everyone has one and it looses its geek appeal.

vhero5016d ago

So they upgraded it from a phone with the technology of phones from 5 years past to a phone with the technology of 4 years past? Well done Apple your still 4 years behind but you know people will pay out the butt for these things.. Why they put old technology in these things?? Simple... They can make them for about £20 each..

Cat5017d ago

I think I'll upgrade to the white one - hoping the glass means it will be harder to ruin that pristine white!

NewNameNow5017d ago

Fortunately it does :)

They've used chemicals this time around to strengthen the glass making it more scratch resistant and likewise stain resistant.

Cat5016d ago

Yep, that's what I need! I think that white looks awesome.

-Mezzo-5017d ago

Any news about it being available without the Contract, I still haven't bough any of the iphone versions.

naimatkhan5017d ago

yeah i guess it would be much more expensive without contract

-Mezzo-5017d ago

Yup, Still iPhone 3GS is selling for around 800$.

naimatkhan5016d ago

Hope they'll lower down the price tag of iPhone 3GS and sell iPhone 4G for $800 or something near that.


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