Facebook Is An Open Platform - Accept It Or Get Out!

Facebook has come under intense pressure recently over it’s privacy settings, with people somehow being able to bemoan the confusing complexity on one hand but also being able to claim that there aren’t enough settings to let them personalise their settings on the other. Not just because I find most people to be blithering idiots, I find these people particularly insufferable because they totally miss the point of a social network service to begin with, it’s essentially the equivalent of shagging around and then being angry when your balls start to itch.

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faizanshakyboy4455d ago

i think its better to leave.

Jerk1204454d ago

You and me the same buddy.

NewNameNow4453d ago

The settings are seriously not that difficult to navigate through, and they are EXTREMELY useful. I think the problem here is the majority of the world and by extension facebook is retarded.

ballsofsteel4453d ago

to some extent i agree with you however one thing you can't control is if someone googles you. as of now your name will pop up in google if someone searches for you and there is now way to stop that and thats something that needs to be changed