Identity thieves set up page on Bebo

Police have issued a fresh warning about the dangers of networking sites after a Rotorua woman had a fake Bebo account set up in her name.

Mihi Mareikura was targeted by internet fraudsters only days after moving to Facebook and closing her Bebo page .

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Bebo founder pays $1m to buy back site sold for $850m

The Guardian: The internet entrepreneur who founded Bebo has paid $1m (£660,000) to buy back the social networking site five years after selling it to AOL for $850m.

Michael Birch, who co-founded the site with his wife, Xochi, in 2005, tweeted late on Monday: "We just bought back Bebo for $1m. Can we actually re-invent it? Who knows, but will be fun trying …"

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In2iti0n3738d ago

This is how you do business. Great move. Even if he doesn't succeed in "reinventing" it, he wins.

Soldierone3737d ago

Kinda wish other people that have sold their websites would buy them back. Digg comes to mind.....


Social Network Bebo Has Filed A Voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition

TechCrunch: Looks like Bebo, once an early star in social networking, is progressing to the next step in the long and messy struggle between majority shareholder Criterion Capital Partners and minority shareholders that include co-founder Michael Birch, Hecker Consultancy and SV Angel: Bebo.com, Inc. has filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the Central District of California.

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In2iti0n3792d ago

This is what happens when you don't learn how to adapt to changes in the industry. I'm kind of sorry for Bebo.


Social Networking Accounts For One In Every Five Minutes Of Global Online Activity

NRM writes "So we knew that the social web had taken the planet by storm; but we didn't realise the size of the impact. That was until comScore released a recent report detailing just how much online communities have embedded themselves into our daily internet usage..." [ctd.]

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