So, is Flash dying as Steve Jobs said?

Cnet: Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently said Adobe's Flash is "waning" and "had its day." Does the iPad and iPhone sales juggernaut make him right.

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Adobe is practically begging you to uninstall Flash before it ends support in 2021

For a long time, Flash Player was considered a significant security liability for almost every PC out there. However, that’s about to end very soon, and Adobe is actively helping its eradication.

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Apple reportedly did a blunder authorizing a malware 'shlayer' disguised as Flash to run on macOS

The Verge reported that Wardle states that Apple accidentally authorized an app that comprised code utilized by a famous malware 'Shlayer'.

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By The End Of The Year, SSDs Per GB Prices Will Be Lowest Ever

By the end of the year, SSD rates per gigabyte could dip listed below $0.10 for the first time ever. Is this the time to upgrade your storage?

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