Downloading Movies for Free-- is that Piracy?

Associatedcontent: We live in a world full of shades of gray, often overlooking the black and white truth. The truth of the matter is, theft is theft. It is simple to mix two colors like black and white, losing both of their integrity's, thus creating a whole new shade. It is equally as simple to maneuver thoughts, allowing ourselves to accept what is morally wrong by coating it with brilliant excuses.

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Xpandemic4376d ago

It ain't until you get caught ;)

fatstarr4375d ago

lol true, I will only see harry potter and good comedy's, everything else ill leave it for my friends to get.Actors shouldn't be paid so much for doing nothing.

New wave of piracy is starting which is capturing streams. I wonder if that's illegal.

nkranz4375d ago

Nope! It's a distribution source that I simply choose to use. However, the movie companies just haven't found a way to capitalize on it yet :)