Capture HD video through HDMI with AverMedia

Pocket-Lint: Although AverMedia isn’t the first company to offer HDMI capture cards, we’d expect its solutions to be far more affordable than what’s currently available in the market. The company was showing off two new models at Computex, offering a wide range of features beyond HD capturing.

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Avermedia goes 4K with a new range of capture cards

Livestreaming and gameplay videos are big business now, but the technology used to capture footage has been fairly static for a while. Now that both internet speeds and hosting have improved, it’s time to move to higher resolutions. Previously capture cards were limited to 1080p for both capturing and pass-through to the monitor but that’s now changing. These are the first 4K-able capture cards from one of the leaders in the field, Avermedia.

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AVerMedia Game Capture HD II Review - BagoGames

BagoGames.com - With the recent explosion of gamers uploading videos to YouTube over the past couple of years, companies are competing to create the best Capture Card to record your console gameplay with.

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JyosuaNET Review: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

Jyosua.net: The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable is a device intended to be a cost-effective and efficient way to allow more gamers to capture and stream their gameplay. This review goes in-depth with the benefits and shortcomings of the LGP, from the perspective of a power user, but not without merit to the general consumer.

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