Live video feed of BP's efforts with the oil spill

Live Video feed of BP's efforts with the oil spill.

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Syko5100d ago

What a F'ing disgrace...

No one has the first clue on what to do about it either it seems...

"Drill,Baby,Drill!!" ;

Captain Tuttle5100d ago

Yeah, you don't here any of those a-holes screaming "Drill baby drill" now do you? All they're doing is complaining that the government (that they want as small and ineffectual as possible btw) isn't doing anything.


fatstarr5100d ago

Well the Eco system is going to be come f*cked beyond belief. its been just oozing that shyt for days maybe weeks now. lol I know there's a lot of ocean but this sure screwed up a lot of it.


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sonicwrecks82d ago

Don't call it a comeback... because it's not.