5 Ways to Upgrade Your Body (With Modern Science)

ForkParty writes, "We’d all like to be commuting to work in our hover cars and invading small countries with our own personal mechanisms, but sadly technology has failed to live up to our expectations, and no matter what Steve Jobs claims, the iPad is just not in the same league.

If we can’t have flying cars and robots that will make us breakfast in bed just yet, at least we’re well on our way to a time when mankind wanders the Earth with our innards stuffed with more technology than a Borg drone."

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fatstarr4744d ago

Its way to early to even think about this. I want to see what they do with synthetic life first before i start putting chips and tattoos on my body.

Syko4744d ago

"This may one day put Gordon Ramsay out of a job."

For this reason alone I no longer support Nanobots/Nutribots.

Ramsay is the man, that is all.