Chrome OS Strives to Replace Desktop Culture

PC World: Google's Chrome OS is coming to a netbook near you sometime later this year. The Web-centric, Linux-based, open source platform will offer a lightweight, cost-effective alternative operating system for portable computing.

fatstarr5164d ago

No matter how good Google is I will not I repeat convert from windows 7 to a no name Google os. Nothing is flawless , Google should be happy with netbooks and other devices but sometimes you gotta know what battles to choose and when enough is enough.


Will Google’s Chrome OS Run Mac, Windows Apps? Maybe

Techi: We all recall Steve Ballmer’s famed ‘Monkeyboy’ chant as he ran round a stage yelling, “Developers, developers, developers,” and despite leaving himself open for a lifetime of ridicule with the move, he was right.

fatstarr5149d ago

where did you get that picture from? it is so funny.