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Mobile network GiffGaff pays back

Newly formed service provider GiffGaff has been converting there users payback points into cash in which users decide whether to have the cash transferred into there paypal accounts, use as credit or to be donated to charity.

Users earn there points for helping out other users on there forums and signing people up to the network by giving out sim cards, one users has even managed to earn over £700.

On the company's blog they released stats for there first pay back period:

43% are getting a Payback
The average payback is just over £14
The biggest payback is an amazing £754
26% have earned £5 payback by getting a friend to join
29% have earned payback by helping in the forum

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fatstarr4861d ago

this is interesting the first I am hearing about this.

leedobson4861d ago

I got my payback through today, was really surprised with what im getting. Its like ive been using the network for free.