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Aiptek demos 3D camcorder at Computex

Pocket-Lint: Creating 3D video content is something that has been anything but affordable for consumers. But Aiptek, the Taiwanese manufacturer of many a cheap camcorder, has created the first truly affordable 3D capable model.

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fatstarr5131d ago

Just gotta love technology. I cant wait to see all the new products coming out next year.


Team develops faster, higher quality 3-D camera

When Microsoft released the Kinect for Xbox in November 2010, it transformed the video game industry. The most inexpensive 3-D camera to date, the Kinect bypassed the need for joysticks and controllers by sensing the user's gestures, leading to a feeling of total immersion into the game. Microsoft sold 8 million Kinect units within 60 days, making it the fastest-selling electronic device ever.


SRN Previews the 2nd Generation Sony 3D Digital Recording Binoculars

SonyRumors: At CES 2013, the 2nd Generation Sony 3D Digital Recording Binoculars was unveiled and our video preview offers you a glimpse of this redesigned binoculars which is designed to replace the previous generation DEV-3 and DEV-5 which offered 1080p recording a 7.1 megapixel camera.

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Engadget: Real-time 3D face reproduction demonstrated on video

Eager to be freaked right on out? If so, head past the break and mash play. There, you'll see a recent demonstration by Tohto C-Tech, where a 3D camera setup was used to capture a person's face and then reproduce it on a monitor (in 3D, no less) in real-time. Engadget are told that an undisclosed GPGPU setup was used to pull it off, as typical CPUs just weren't quick enough to render the final product on their own. The camera setup actually captures the face from two different viewpoints, enabling the sides of the face to be shown in addition to the front. Engadget warned you that copious amounts of freaky were involved.

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