Sharp goes 3D with its Quattron TVs

Pocket-Lint: It seems that an extra pixel colour wasn't enough for Sharp, who has now added an extra dimension to its Quattron LV range. Sharp Quattron 3D has gone on show in Japan and it will be released over there in July.

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fatstarr5102d ago

4 basic colors and now in 3D... wow I would be pissed if i bought a generation 1 Quattron. either way still need to use glasses?


Sharp S7 With Android One and 1-Week Battery Life Launching In Japan

Sharp has just announced Sharp S7, a new smartphone coming to Japan equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery and Android One OS.

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WeOwnTheNight1682d ago

A gamesnguide article that's not a press release or an affiliate link? Good job!


Sharp Expands 4k UHD Big Screen Line-Up

Sharp, one of the world’s leading electronic companies and a pioneer in flat-screen TVs, introduces four new 4K Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV models with big screens at the start of IFA 2018. With new 60‘‘ and 70“ models, Sharp adds two sizes to its already broad portfolio. The sleek devices impress not just by exceptional image quality but also by their built-in Harman Kardon sound system and their elegant design.

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Sharp Introduces Second Generation 8K TV's and Monitors

Sharp, one of the world’s leading electronic companies, presents its second generation 8K TVs and monitors for the first time worldwide at IFA 2018.

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