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Computex 2010: Dual GPU GTX 470 Videocard Spotted

Hot Hardware: It looks like it is going to possible to incorporate dual GF100 GPUs on a single PCB. At least, that's what the folks over at Galaxy Tech are dreaming up and we got a glimpse of it during Computex 2010. With the heat output and power requirements of NVIDIA's GF100 graphics chip, a lot of us were skeptical there would ever be a dual GPU version of Fermi. Imagine our surprise when this thing came out of nowhere during our tour of Galaxy's booth.

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GodsHand4742d ago

Damm 12" Long (that's what she said)
Can't even imagine the price for this thing, let alone the cooling fans/heat pipes it will need. Imagine this thing configured in SLi either 2,3, or 4 setup. I think it will have fans, as the picture shows a vent, but was removed for display purposes.

fatstarr4742d ago

I actually want 4 of them. Lol its been my dream to have 4 video cards but my room is hot enough as it is with 2. And ohh the energy consumption.