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Engadget: Acer Stream preview at Computex 2010

Engadget writes: "We've seen Acer's Android 2.1-powered Stream a time or two before, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to give it a look ourselves here in Taipei. Acer's full gamut of smartphones were out on display, but this 3.7-inch monster was easily the standout. Build quality was remarkable, and the screen was downright luscious; viewing angles on the AMOLED panel were nothing short of incredible, and the haptic feedback was a nice touch, too".

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Acer Stream: Powerhouse Android 2.1 phone

Pocket-Lint: Acer, fresh from its launch of the LumiRead, has unveiled a powerful smartphone, with an impressive enough spec to make the likes of HTC and Samsung sit up and take notice. The Acer Stream runs Android 2.1 and, like the HTC Desire, has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

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