Is the Internet Getting Too Cluttered?

Vanessa Vasile from Associatedcontent: I was a toddler when the Internet started to become a big "thing." I remember the IBM PS/1 running Windows 3.1 sitting on a desk in my parents' room, where we used AOL 2.0 to connect to the Internet over a 14.4k modem and surf Internet chat rooms.

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fatstarr4377d ago

"Someone just needs to remove all the spam and phishing sites out there, and put more pressure on hosting companies to help keep the Internet clean."
I like this article but its never gonna change... unless someone does something extremely stupid and some laws get made in many parts of the world. its just gonna be the last free frontier left on earth.
I think it should just be left alone and not thought about the internet and the world wide web will not change for people... people change for it.