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15 Tech Tricks to Teach a 5-Year-Old

Tom's Guide: "What can five-year-olds do these days? Surprisingly, quite a bit (especially if they are given cutting-edge tools and some time to master them.) With a few kids in the house under age six, I’ve been impressed with the number of tech-savvy tasks they’ve been able to accomplish. The five-year-olds, especially, seem to have an enthusiasm for learning new things and trying out anything without fear of failure (or breaking the hardware). We observed our kindergartner to see what types of activities in which he was most inclined to take an interest, gave some gentle guidance, and watched him create, learn, and explore. Here is our list of 15 surprising tech tasks nearly any five-year-old can accomplish (even if they aren’t able to read yet)."

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fatstarr4751d ago

Pretty cool list,it's more like computer related activities... with all the geeks and tech savvy's of today when we start having kids who knows what they will be doing. I am gonna have them learn a programming language and see what that turns into (one can only dream though).

Syko4751d ago

I have a 6 year old son...It is shocking what he knows, especially the stuff I haven't covered lol. He will say stuff like "Ya I saw that on Facebook" I am like WUT!? Please tell me you didn't manage to get Facebook going...Then he will say no it just came up on Google. So perhaps my son was way past this article a year ago =)

I catch myself wanting to say "When I was your age I didn't have internet...Hell I thought NES was the end all be all at your age." Then I realize I will terribly date myself even though I am only 26 years old...So I usually just accept the fact that he has a bunch of cool tech at his age and I had Nintendo and 13 or so channels on TV at 6.

fatstarr4751d ago

I had windows 95 and a SNES and Genesis when I was 6 also a dial up connection. I was like the start of this new technical generation. I cant wait to say the "back in my day" things.

Back in my day you used AOL to connect to the net.
Back in my day you used floppy disks to pirate files.