EXCLUSIVE: First Look at HTC Aria?

One of blogging site Android Guy's tipsters just passed along a few screen shots for an HTC device headed for AT&T. They have been pretty solid in the past so they're inclined to believe them this time around. Here's what they know about the device from their brief experience with it.

The phone runs Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI, has a 5 megapixel camera, and is "the smallest Android device" they have seen yet. Their source took a handful of pictures of the phone next to a business card for size comparison.

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fatstarr4750d ago

its like every day a new phone getting kind of hard to keep up with all of it.
there needs to be one main website that's all about phones their o's and specs.

brennton4749d ago

Yup, there's certainly many phones coming out at the moment.