So What's the Big Difference Between 3G and 4G?

Although it has yet to be established as the standard in the industry, the 4G network promises video chat and high quality streaming anytime, anywhere that wireless coverage is available.

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striped945076d ago

If data plans become cheaper, video chat could probably be as popular as im/sms messaging in the coming years

Syko5076d ago

I am guessing about $30-$50 bucks. =)

striped945075d ago

well the plan sprint offers right now supports both 3g and 4g for the same price. but its unlimited 4g access and only 5gb of 3g access. so the 4g is actually a better value somehow.

inbetweener5076d ago

I remember when the same promises were made about 3g...


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The offer ends August 30, so act fast!

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