You've Got Fail: Celebrating AOL's 25th Anniversary With 18 Examples of Fail writes: This week AOL celebrates the company’s 25 year anniversary. Throughout the internet service provider turned online advertising company’s history, they’ve been the force behind some of the most epic web-related fails known to man.
While it would be impossible to document the company’s endless list of shortcomings, there are some that distinguish themselves from the pack.

Here are 18 of the AOL’s biggest fails throughout the years, in no particular order.

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Xpandemic3395d ago

LOL really nice collection of fails

fatstarr3395d ago

I didn't even know about some of these.

Syko3395d ago

I had totally forgotten the great AOL disk Spam of the 1990's...

I bet some poor 3rd world country now has a pile of AOL disks polluting their local watering hole. I mean you couldn't walk 5ft for a while without stepping on one of those disks...It was bad.

Good times.